Luke and Whitney

“After going through NFP classes in marriage prep, we knew NFP was God’s plan for us and immediately implemented it into our marriage. After our first born however, I wasn’t confident in my knowledge of the method we had been using and was nervous to continue practicing it. We turned to Joann who was patient and understanding in helping us to learn the Creighton method. Joann helped us to build our confidence and was always there for any questions or concerns we had. We found the Creighton method to be easier to understand and also easier to implement in a more practical way into our busy lives. Using Creighton, we felt more complete as a couple and in our spiritual relationship with God knowing that we were following the path He had intended for us!”

Johnny and Erica

“My husband and I first learned Creighton with Joann 6 years ago as part of our marriage prep. We chose Creighton because it is connected with doctors all over the country. I was always worried about struggling with infertility (for no real good reason) so I wanted to be ahead of the game in the event that was the case for us. The more we learned, the more we LOVED Creighton and how much it taught us about my health and body. We have not had trouble conceiving and have been blessed with two beautiful boys and a baby in heaven. We have also successfully avoided pregnancy while my husband was getting his master’s degree. All this aside, my favorite thing about Creighton is that we entrust my fertility to God. It goes something like this: “after talking and praying about this, God, we don’t (or do) think you are calling us to have another baby right now, so we are going to use Creighton to try to avoid (achieve), however, if we are wrong, you are in total control anyway, may your will be done.” It is so freeing to leave it all in God’s hands!!